Fabbian Roofer white F12A0501 suspension D.59 on line


Fabbian Roofer white F12A0501 suspension D.59 on line

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Suspension  Fabbian Roofer White or Gray F12A0501 diameter 59 with 6 lamapde E27 .
Product Details .
The scales are Roofer in semi-rigid rubber material , in different shades and cover two forms of the frame.
Versatile is the best adjective to describe this collection of suspensions designed for indoor installation . Roofer , inspired by roof tiles , is available in three different shapes and five diameters and is well suited to be installed in rooms large or small size . The choice of light source, halogen or fluorescent , offers the opportunity to illuminate properly and with maximum freedom both public and private environments . The universality of Roofer you will discover also the possibility to shorten the cables to allow installation in the ceiling. Finally , matching the color of the lamp Roofer grants at the same time , to suit their own tastes and combine it with the surrounding decor .
the mounting
Customize your lamp Roofer : choose the color and the color sequence and then mount it fun . Installation is quick and easy. The scales are semi-rigid rubber material , in three different color shades and covering five forms of the frame. The lower part is closed by a disc diffuser polymethylmethacrylate .
the flakes
The scales are semi-rigid rubber material and can be machine washed at 30 degrees. This feature along with the ease of installation make Roofer an original lamp and innovative .

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