The bed is a fundamental element of the sleeping area , and plays both an aesthetic value that completion of the whole network , mattress and pillows. Today you can find on the market many types of bed, for example, there are various measures that depart dalsingolo , the French version ( one and a half ) to bed, we finally arrive at King Size . It is therefore easy to find one that will suit the particular needs of space, very important aspect in modern homes that often have limited sizes. The bed also responds to an aesthetic need in fact expresses the personality of the user , there are forms with classical , traditional lines with a modern twist , with large heads and massive or very low and minimal versions are truly endless . In addition to all the features that can be appreciated visually is crucial the quality of the product, must be made of materials balances , which ensure durability because it is an element used every night . For this reason we have selected serious and reliable companies such as: Flou , Poliform , Gritti, V&Nice , La Falegnami , Veneta Cuscini .

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New Bed mod. Nathalie Flou

Product no.: 108

2,615.00 *
Price list 2,615.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days
Delivery weight: 60 kg

Bed mod. Operà Flou

Product no.: 109

3,040.00 *
Price list 3,040.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 40 days
Delivery weight: 60 kg

New Bed mod. Duetto Flou

Product no.: 101

2,580.00 *
Price list 2,580.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 30 days
Delivery weight: 40 kg


Product no.: 700

2,200.00 *
Price list 2,340.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 5 days
Delivery weight: 60 kg

twils letto academy piuma in tessuto lino bianco online

Product no.: 702

2,490.00 *
Price list 3,043.00 €
Delivery weight: 60 kg


Product no.: 2355

2,570.00 *
Price list 3,250.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 5 days
Delivery weight: 65 kg
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